Quick Tips About How PetPooja Is Helping 25,000 Restaurants

Quick Tips About How PetPooja Is Helping 25,000 Restaurants

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How PetPooja is helping 25,000 restaurants tech-ready? The Indian café industry is worth Rs 75,000 crores and is developing at a yearly pace of 7%. The business is profoundly divided with 1.5 million eating outlets, of which somewhat more than 3,000 outlets structure the coordinated fragment. In any case, the coordinated section is quickly developing at a yearly pace of 16%. The QSR section is the reasonable champ in the eating out market with a development pace of 21%.

PetPooja is helping 25,000 restaurants

There were a period eateries were overseen on pen and paper. There exists some that do as such. Notwithstanding, dealing with an eatery is a dreary undertaking. It includes everyday cost administration, stock administration, buying the executives, utilization of the board, installment compromises, and considerably more.

Quick Tips About How PetPooja Is Helping 25,000 Restaurants

Understanding the innovation hole in the business, Parthiv Patel and Apurv Patel began Pet Pooja in 2011. During this time, they discovered that innovation was seldomly utilized at eateries, affecting their versatility.

They began building a PoS (Point of Sale) in 2013 and sent off it in Ahmedabad. Petpooja is a Restaurant Management Software that permits eateries to computerize their functional cycles. This permits the proprietors and staff to zero in on significant regions like food and client experience while fundamentally expanding functional effectiveness.

It assists them with printing bills, overseeing KOTs, stock, CRM, and revealing. Besides, PetPooja has mixed with outsiders like Zomato, Swiggy, Amazon, GooglePay, Paytm, and Tally to work with single-screen tasks for cafés.

Parthiv holds a degree in Computer Engineering from GH Patel College of Engineering and Technology (GCET), and a Post Graduate Diploma in Management from IIM, Lucknow.

At Petpooja, which he helped to establish with Apurv Patel in 2011, Parthiv is liable for item the board, money, procedure, and accomplice environment.

Preceding helping to establish Pet pooja, Parthiv was related with Wipro, Gujarat Venture Finance Limited (GVFL), and Ecolibrium Energy, and has a wide encounter of business and monetary expected level of effort, monetary displaying, speculation organizing, portfolio checking, and taking care of divestment, among others. He has additionally seen new businesses scale utilizing inventive go-to-showcase techniques.

Apurv is answerable for Sales and Marketing, as well as Planning and Operations. Seller Management, Business Analysis, and Recruitment are among his top abilities.

Preceding helping to establish Petpooja, Apurv was related to Claris Lifesciences, Elitecore Technologies, and Diebold Systems. He has fostered a far-reaching and broad involvement with innovation and execution in banking, pharma, and telecom.

According to Parthiv, “We got momentum by making a framework that didn’t require equipment to be supplanted and given their whole information in the cloud (in 2013, most eateries were utilizing nearby programming sans the cloud, so to know their deals, information must be messaged every evening and ordered).”

PetPooja has raised outside subsidizing from family workplaces and Udaan. In November 2019, the startup brought $2.4 million up in seed subsidizing from Trustroots. After that in February 2020, PetPooja brought $2 million up in the Series A round from Udaan. The startup has raised a sum of $4.4 million in reserves.

Quick Tips About How PetPooja Is Helping 25,000 RestaurantsAccording to Apurva, “The greatest test was the underlying years when we needed to persuade cafés why having a web association at their outlet was gainful and how having information in the cloud could help them.”

Petpooja handles all center errands of a café – charging, KOT (Kitchen Order Token), stock and stock, unrefined components and recipe, menu with varieties and add-one as well as revealing and progressed examination. Petpooja is cloud-based, permitting proprietors and chiefs to get a continuous perspective on tasks.

Every module is kept in a state of harmony with any remaining modules, permitting a total image of ongoing tasks. For instance, Petpooja permits proprietors to know the continuous expense of their Paneer Butter Masala, representing the last-bought cost of Paneer and different fixings that go in the dish. This helps them to keep up with their edges on everything with fluctuating info costs.

Since the eatery business is one of the most tech-empowered areas in retail, enveloping web-based aggregators, installments, unwavering ness, ERP and bookkeeping, and substantially more, Petpooja’s center modules coordinate with over 80+ outsiders, permitting cafés to oversee everything from a solitary dashboard.

The menu on web-based aggregators like Swiggy, Zomato, and Dunzo are constrained by Petpooja, and their orders land straightforwardly on the PoS, permitting single-screen activities for eateries. Since the stock module is connected to the menu, if a café runs out of cheddar, pizzas will get crippled across all web-based requesting modules.

Petpooja additionally accommodates different installment strategies that are requested by clients like money, cards, UPI, online orders, and so forth. Eateries likewise deal with their costs on the stage, sorting them as indicated by their sorts. This permits Petpooja to help with café P&L and recording GST and different expenses.

This multitude of instruments in a real sense permits a café to run on auto-pilot, liberating proprietors and chiefs from tedious functional worries and permitting them to zero in on their genuine romance for food and client experience.

Petpooja was planned ground-up for Indian SMEs – autonomous outlets and little chains that length the field of the country. The arrangement is truly reasonable for eateries, charging Rs 10,000 every year for the whole suite.

Quick Tips About How PetPooja Is Helping 25,000 Restaurants

Petpooja right now controls north of 25,000 F&B outlets the nation over, traversing all organizations – fine-eat, QSRs, cloud kitchens, food courts, bistros, bars, dessert shops, bread shops, and in the middle between.

At the point when the pandemic has caused a gigantic change in industry elements, with a more noteworthy shift towards functional proficiency and conveyance, Petpooja with its space mastery, experience, and bits of knowledge, is an ideal accomplice for eateries.



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